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In fact it would be better if the guarantee is made to look more official by putting a company stamp or seal on it. This will only enhance the trust level of the client. • Give some space: Always remember that you leave some blank lines on your order from for the client to fill. It might happen that the client has certain point to be made regarding a particular order and he/ she wishes to tell that in writing. It can be done on the same order form. This benefit will surely be welcomed by customers. In the ecommerce regulations the formation of the contract is one of the top priorities that every online business must pay attention too. The major concerns are how when and where the contract is formed.

The terms and conditions for your eBay store Facebook store or ecommerce solutions has to be arranged so that the customer can print and save the web page. The correct design has to include no pop-up windows and make sure that they fit inside the width of the page and be presented in a way that they print correctly. An expression such as By clicking the Accept button you agree to these terms and conditions . When finishing and submitting the online order form the customer is making a proposal to buy which if accepted by the retailer will result in a binding contract. By integrating the expression accepted by the retailer the retailer has guarded themselves according to ecommerce regulations.

These essentials may include name address of the customer contact details and credit card number. In case a longer order form is absolutely needed it is advisable to break it up into parts. In case of order forms the prices should also be clearly marked out or specified. Optional fields should be used for information that is not crucial but requires inclusion. Such optional fields should be clearly mentioned in the form of a mark. While designing an order form it is advisable to ensure that there are no typing errors and the form has a logical design. The information fields and boxes should be lined up well and the form should not look sloppy. The confirmation page of the form should mention the processing details of the order.

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