Dea 222 Order Forms Dea Controlled Substances Ehsmitedu Here Is An Example Sigma Aldrich Authorized Purchaser Form

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Dea 222 Order Forms Controlled Substances Ehsmitedu Here Is An Example Sigma Aldrich Authorized Purchaser Form

2) The guarantee is clearly stated. Make sure that the guarantee is clearly stated on your order form. It will help to prevent buyer s remorse. Or worse yet the moment of hesitation some of us experience when we are buying certain items. That hesitation can cost us sales - so we need to do everything we can to make the buyer feel as safe as houses when they are about to put pen to paper. The guarantee reminds the prospect that you are a nice upstanding type of person and that you will stand by the product even after you have their money. So they will go ahead and buy. 3) Remember to create Urgency.

As always our ancestors in mail order have figured out all of this before us and have used best practices on order forms for generations but for some reason best left to our imaginations many marketers still take the choose your own adventure route to creating an order form. And to make matters worse they don t test. Here are my three most common order form mistakes. Mistake 1: No Benefit Driven Acceptance Statement. The first piece of copy on an order form (especially when you aren t running a catalogue store) is to restate your big promise i.e. what is the buyer going to get from you just by filling it out.

That way if the order form is the first thing prospects read they ll still understand your offer fully. Be specific when you do this. Here s an example of a vague statement and a better more specific statement. VAGUE: Yes. Please send me your FREE Information Kit. SPECIFIC: Yes. I want to find out more about how American Management Solutions can solve some of the toughest budget and management problems I face. So send me your FREE Information Kit titled "How to make your budget go farther in difficult times" without risk or obligation. 8. Make sure you include your fax number phone number Web site URL and e-mail address. You can say "For faster action call 1-800-123-1234 etc." You never know how people want to respond so include ALL response options on the order form.

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