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9. Include motivating subheadlines under the order form headline. If the headline is "Report Request Card" try a series of subheadlines such as: "How To Slash The High Cost Of Product Returns" Your Report Is FREE For The Asking! Don t miss this "must read" document from Levison Software! No risk. No obligation. Nothing to buy. 10. Make the details completely clear. It s an obvious but often overlooked point! You don t want the prospect to have to work to fill in your order form. So make the price quantity tax etc. very clear and lay it all out attractively and cleanly. The order form is perhaps the most critical part of the sales letter.

Set a particular design pattern which helps the filler to understand that what is actually being asked for. Keep the language simple and to the point which should not confuse the customer. • Highlights: Certain information like your company name full address contact numbers email ID website address fax numbers and most importantly the toll free number should be highlighted. These are some key information and are very important for any client who wants to seek information prior to placing an order. Also include the working hours and days of your firm. • Inclusion of receipt declaration: Summarize the final offer by including a declaration receipt stating the affirmation guarantee taxes if any and perks offered.

If they don t do it now then they are unlikely to do it later. Urgency is vital to the order form s success. So be sure that you give them a good reason to take action now and sign on the dotted line. This is far easier than it ever used to be. 80 years ago you had to get them to fill in the form find an envelope address it put a stamp on it walk to the post box and mail it. Get samples of copy from the 1930 s and before and pay attention to how it is written. Those copywriters had it really hard compared to what we have today. If you re a platform speaker you ll find at some events you ll be responsible for providing your own order forms while at other events the promoter will have an event order form that all speakers will be requested to use.

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