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They spend hours on certain aspects which they think are of prime importance and often overlook small things like a simple order form. This simple piece of paper can really do wonders for your business if properly drafted. Here are some tips to do so: • Make it noticeable: A simple Black & White piece of paper won t do much good to you. Make it something like which grabs the attention of the client. Get the right color combination some styling with borders headers & footers and a company logo. Do not over do though but make sure the overall look is professional yet appealing. • Ease of filling: Do not cramp up the order from with too many unnecessary information. Make it simple yet informative.

If they don t do it now then they are unlikely to do it later. Urgency is vital to the order form s success. So be sure that you give them a good reason to take action now and sign on the dotted line. This is far easier than it ever used to be. 80 years ago you had to get them to fill in the form find an envelope address it put a stamp on it walk to the post box and mail it. Get samples of copy from the 1930 s and before and pay attention to how it is written. Those copywriters had it really hard compared to what we have today. If you re a platform speaker you ll find at some events you ll be responsible for providing your own order forms while at other events the promoter will have an event order form that all speakers will be requested to use.

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One thing that is so important when doing business with customers is to make sure and get a contract signed between both parties before doing a job. This is rule number one but the next most important part about completing a job and making sure the communication is there between you and your customer is the change order form. What exactly is a change order form? It s a very simple agreement form you have your workers keep with them at all times while on job sites in case the customer wants to add or change something to the contract you first agreed upon. It can be as simple as name date description of change reason of change extra materials to be ordered and the customer s signature. It may sound simple but this can save you so many headaches down the road.

Response rates plummet the more you ask probing questions. Typical questions you d love to ask but should consider avoiding include: -How many people are in your department? -What s your budget? -When do you plan on making a purchase of a new system? -What solution are you currently using? 5. Include your guarantee on the order form. Since you want to reassure the prospect at the moment he is deciding to act reprint your fabulous guarantee right on the order card. It s comforting to the prospect. 6. Precheck the "Yes" box. If you re going to include a little box for checking next to the "Yes" line precheck it. 7. In the first line after the "Yes " restate the benefits. Be sure to state the full offer benefits so they ll be encouraged to reply.

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