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Work Order Forms Painting 6572 At Print Ez Form

Make it easy to read and understand quickly. Let your prospect know in no uncertain terms the quick and easy way(s) to get exactly what she wants. 5. Include all significant elements. These include payment methods you accept major benefits bonus items guarantee your customer s contact information any shipping/handling charges and applicable taxes. Make the total amount payable obvious. 6. The entire order form should be easy to read and process in very little time. Any directions provided must be crystal clear to the prospect/customer. It should lead buyers through a simple process where all that s been promised awaits.

Typically this page should give an indication to the customer that they would be receiving a mail confirming their order within the next few minutes. The confirmation page should also give an indication regarding the time in which they would be receiving the item. Certain important elements like seller s contact details premium offers promise statement delivery details and guarantee should be mentioned within the form. The design of the form should be clean with clear mention of important aspects like price contact information and tax. The customer should find it easy to complete the form and only the minimum number of qualifying questions should be asked. The form should also be periodically checked so as to ensure that it is working effectively.

For example I saw an order form for a seminar and their benefit driven acceptance statement was come to our internet marketing seminar. A better one might have been "Yes I want to learn how to make money on the internet in the next 90 days." It makes a difference I have seen test results. The same principle applies when you are creating your opt in form. Give them a specific benefit for opting in. Mistake 2: Collecting Unnecessary Information. You should collect the information you need in order to continue to follow up with a lead or to complete the sale. No more. The more information the person viewing the order form has to fill in the lower your response. Interestingly the best direct mail order forms often have shipping information included.

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