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One thing that is so important when doing business with customers is to make sure and get a contract signed between both parties before doing a job. This is rule number one but the next most important part about completing a job and making sure the communication is there between you and your customer is the change order form. What exactly is a change order form? It s a very simple agreement form you have your workers keep with them at all times while on job sites in case the customer wants to add or change something to the contract you first agreed upon. It can be as simple as name date description of change reason of change extra materials to be ordered and the customer s signature. It may sound simple but this can save you so many headaches down the road.

The quantities of the products can be double checked to see if the numbers tally. It is a very useful document to have when things don t go as planned. All these details will indicate how reliable the supplier is. The copy of the form can be filed for future reference. The purchase order form has to be user friendly. It should be simple and at the same time have all the information necessary for a purchase. A company can design its own forms using software or download a template. Once the form is in the computer it is easy to obtain every time a purchase is required.

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It is the eye of the needle that your customer must pass through in order to go from lead to customer. And customer to repeat buyer. It doesn t matter what happens your customers have to fill in the order form be it online in print for your customer to mail back to you or calling your 1800 number (the customer service representative is still an order device - just live and interactive with all the benefits and risks that it brings). So we can agree that if you want money from your customers (and if you are in business then I think you do) then perhaps making sure your order form is a specimen of peak performance might just be the way to go.

After entering the required details the client can submit them and a corresponding ticket number would be generated. The related department would start necessary action in resolving the ticket. Further in a service based environment the ticket would list all the parameters like the location at which the service needs to be performed and by what time it needs to be completed. In case of external clients the charges for resolution of each ticket are agreed upon between the client and the service provider. It is possible that the rates are based on per hour per ticket or any other parameters.

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