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Friday, January 4th 2019. | Order Form

Exact Sciences Corporation 2016 Q3 Results Earnings Call Slides Order Form Cologuard

Mistake 3: Not treating your order form as mini sales letter. Doesn t matter how well you hide it. Your order form will be looked at to summarise the main sales offering. Many buyers are pressed for time and will skip straight to the order form so that they can see what is being offered how much and what they will get from it. Then if they like what they see will go back and read the main sales letter. So back to this internet marketing seminar - there would need to be a summary of benefits as well as the location and times of the seminar so that buyers would know all they need to know and can easily assess if they are interested or not.

For example I saw an order form for a seminar and their benefit driven acceptance statement was come to our internet marketing seminar. A better one might have been "Yes I want to learn how to make money on the internet in the next 90 days." It makes a difference I have seen test results. The same principle applies when you are creating your opt in form. Give them a specific benefit for opting in. Mistake 2: Collecting Unnecessary Information. You should collect the information you need in order to continue to follow up with a lead or to complete the sale. No more. The more information the person viewing the order form has to fill in the lower your response. Interestingly the best direct mail order forms often have shipping information included.

Three things a good order form has: 1) An acceptance statement that summarising the benefits. "Yes Zac I would like to buy your handy dandy steak knives... " This is done to remind the prospect of the selling proposition. Good order forms will then go on to restate the benefits associated with the selling proposition. Even better use the benefits in the first statement. It means that should for any reason your prospect cheat and look at your order form there is a chance that they will go back to the letter to read on about what they will get because the benefits you have listed are appealing to them. Skimmers will skip to your order form. So it needs to be able to draw them into your sales letter the same as a subhead bullet point P.S. and headline.

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